When Big Data Becomes Really Big with Sensor Data

Unlocking the Massive Potential of Sensor Data and the Internet of Things

Learn how you can intelligently manage and analyze volumes of sensor data to drive your business cases


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Within a few short years, the Internet of Things, or Machine to Machine (M2M), is projected to include millions, if not billions, of connected devices, generating an unfathomable amount of sensor data.

With emerging, real-world use cases, such as Smart Metering, Telemedicine, and Usage-Based Insurance, product manufacturers and their customers are reducing costs, improving customer satisfaction, and creating new business models based on the inherent value of sensor data.

However, without the appropriate data analytics platform, companies can get overwhelmed by this volume of data, or, worse yet, never even collect and analyze this data to drive bottom-line business benefits.

Join HP Vertica, HP Labs, CBIG Consulting, and:

  • Understand the most prevalent industry use cases
  • Hear real-world case study examples
  • Learn about the key considerations from a technology perspective in preparing to manage and analyze terabytes to petabytes of data

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